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Idle Hands Software

FINDERS KEEPER - "The best way to log your metal detecting finds."

Finders Keeper is a great way of tracking your finds. As an active metal detectorist for well over 20 years
I have amassed a huge collection of items. Keeping track of them has been almost impossible until now.

 Finders Keeper has separate entries for your coins, jewelry and relics. Finders Keeper is an ongoing project
with many features on the drawing board. We also encourage input from you the user. For that we have 
added a support forum where you can post your complaints, suggestions or just talk with other MD'ing

Finders Keeper is DonationWare. A lot of time and hard work has gone in to the writing, testing and 
development of this application. By donating you are helping to support and finance future enhancements. 
Feel free to contact Idle Hands Software at: Programmer


The current stable version is v1.0 and can be downloaded HERE

In this version there is no help file as we continue to give support via the web site forums. Import/Export
functions are not live as testing continues in hopes of a smooth process. Once live, you will be able to import
or export your logs and data(including images) to another users application. Also in this version the Open and 
New options are disabled. In the next version you will be able to create separate databases to help organize
your finds by year. I.E. a new database for each year.


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