Shadow-X is a great way to monitor Internet access on any PC.

This program was written to help out IT department monitor Internet activity on our LAN. Feel free to send me any comments, suggestions or concepts you might have to improve Shadow-X for you.

    Download SHADOW-X


After you install and run Shadow-X you will get a password screen. Enter the password 2cme and click OK.



At the main screen you can click ACTIVATE for 24 hour a day monitoring. Clicking the ADVANCED button gives you the option to enable and set a timer. This will allow it run log only between the START and END time you set.

Once you click HIDE or if you need to bring Shadow-X from hiding press the left CTRL+SHIFT+P keys and enter the password 2cme



To set the START and END time click the SET TIMES button and enter the time you want the start logging and then the time you want to stop logging.


log.jpg (85375 bytes)


While Shadow-X is running you can use any browser such as Internet Explorer to view the current log file by typing the IP address and port number 8088. Like this